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Productions des chercheurs du LMBA-UBS en lien avec l'Education pour le Développement Durable

Observation de l'environnement, lutte contre la pollution


Durrieu G., Grama I., Le Tilly V., Massabuau J.C., Pham Q.K. and Tricot J.M. Semiparametric estimation of the tail probabilities in a functional setting : application to High frequency biosensors, en preparation.


Azais R., Coudret R. and Durrieu G. A hidden renewal model for monitoring aquatic systems biosensors, en révision dans environmetrics.


Coudret R., Durrieu G. and Saracco J. Comparaison of kernel density estimators with assumption on number of modes : application on environmental monitoring data, communication in statistics, in press,


Coudret R., Durrieu G. and Saracco J. (2012) A note about the critical bandwidth for a kernel density estimator with the uniform kernel, &view_this_doc=hal-00765843&version=1.


Coudret R., Durrieu G. and Saracco J. (2012) Une interface graphique pour analyser des données distantes sous R, &version=1


Durrieu G., Grama I., Le Tilly V., Massabuau J.C. et Pham Q.K. (2012) Evénements rares sur des séries temporelles environnementales, Proc. de la société Française de Statistique, 6 pages.


Coudret R., Durrieu G. et Saracco J. (2012) Estimateurs à noyaux bimodaux d'une densité bimodale et comparaison avec d'autres estimateurs non paramétriques, Proc. de la société Française de Statistique, 6 pages.


Schmitt F.G., De Rosa M., Durrieu G., Sow M., Ciret P., Tran D., Massabuau J.C.  (2011) Statistical study of bivalve high frequency microclosing behaviour: scaling properties and shot noise analysis, International Journal of Bifurcation and Chaos, 21, 3565-3576.


Sow M. Durrieu G., Briollais L., Ciret P., Massabuau J.C. (2011) Water quality assessment by means of HFNI valvometry and high-frequency data modeling, Environmental Modeling and Assessment, 182, 155-170.


Tran D., Nadau A., Durrieu G., Ciret P., Parisot J.C., Massabuau J.C. (2011) Field chronobiology in a molluscan bivalve: how the moon and sun cycles interact to drive oyster activity rhythms, Chronobiology International, 28(4), 307-317.


Schwartzmann C., Durrieu G., Sow M., Ciret P., Lazareth C.E. and Massabuau J.C. (2011) In situ giant clam growth rate behavior : a one-year coupled study of High-frequency noninvasive valvometry and sclerochronology, Limnology and oceanography, 56(5), 1940-1951.


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Cambier S., Gonzalez P., Durrieu G., Boudou A. and Bourdineaud J.P. (2010). Serial analysis of gene expression in the skeletal muscles of zebrafish fed with methylmercury-contaminated diet, Environmental Science and Technology, 44(1), 469-475.


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Durrieu G., Nguyen T.M.N. and Sow M. (2009). Comparaison d'estimateurs de régression non paramétriques : application en valvométrie.  Proc. de la société Française de Statistique,


Maury-Brachet R., Rochard E., Durrieu G. and Boudou A. (2008). The "storm of the century" (December 1999) and the incidental escape of Siberian sturgeons (Acipenser baeri) in the Gironde estuary (SW France): an original bioindicator for metal contamination,  Environmental Sciences and Pollution Research, 15 (1), 89-94.


Morin S., Duong T.T, Dabrin A., Coynel A., Herlory O., Baudrimont M., Delmas F., Durrieu G., Schaefer J., Winterton P., Blanc C., Coste M. (2008). Long term survey of heavy metal pollution, biofilm contamination and diatom community structure in the Riou-Mort watershed, South West France, Environmental Pollution, 151, 532-542.


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Chambon C., Legeay A., Durrieu G., Gonzalez P., Ciret P. and Massabuau JC. 2007). Influence of the parasite worm Polydora sp. on the behaviour of the oyster Crassostrea gigas: a study of the respiratory impact and associated oxidative stress,  Marine Biology, 152, 329-338.


Boudou A., Maury-Brachet R., Durrieu G., Coquery M. et Dauta C. (2006). Chercheurs d'or et

contamination par le mercure des systemes aquatiques continentaux de Guyane - Risques a l'egard despopulations humaines.  Hydroecologie Appliquee, 15, 1-18.


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60, 315-323.


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toxicology, 63, 89-102.


Tran D., Ciret P., Ciutat A., Durrieu G. and Massabuau J.C. (2003). Potential and limits of bivalve closure response to detect contaminants: a new approach applied to cadmium,  Environmental Toxicology andChemistry, 22(4), 914-920.


Modélisation de l'environnement, compréhension des grands équilibres


I. Faye, E. Frénod & D. Seck  (Submitted) Long term behaviour of singularly perturbed parabolic degenerated equation.  (


J.-P.  Bernard, E. Frénod & A. Rousseau  (In Press)  Absorbing boundary conditions for paralic

confinementcomputation in coastal environment with interlocked areas. DCDS-S Special Issue on "Numerical Methods Based on Two-Scale Convergence and Homogenization".  (


J.-P.  Bernard, E. Frénod & A. Rousseau (In Press) Modeling confinement in Étang de Thau: numerical simulations and multi-scale aspects. AIMS Proceedings. (


E. Frénod & A . Rousseau (2013) Paralic Confinement - Models and Simulations. Acta Applicanda

Mathematicae, vol 123, No 1, pp 1--19 (DOI: 10.1007/s10440-012-9706-2). (


I. Faye, E. Frénod & D. Seck (2011) Singularly perturbed degenerated parabolic equations and application to seabed morphodynamics in tided environment. Discrete and Continuous Dynamical Systems, Series A (DCDS-A), Vol. 29, No 3, pp 1001--1030 (DOI:10.3934/dcds.2011.29.1001) (



P. Ailliot, E. Frénod & V. Monbet (2010) Modeling the coastal ocean over a time period of several weeks.

Journal of differential equations, Vol. 246, No 4, pp 639--659 (DOI: 10.1016/j.jde.2009.11.004).



Pierron F., Baudrimont M., Lucia M., Durrieu G., Massabuau J.C., Elie P. (2008). Cadmium uptake by the European eel: Trophic transfer in field and experimental investigations,  Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety, 70(1), 10-19.


E. Frénod & E. Goubert (2007) A first step towards modelling confinement of paralic ecosystems. Ecological Modelling, Vol 200, No 1 - 2, pp 139?148 (DOI: 10.1016/j.ecolmodel.2006.07.009). (


Santé, Génétique, Génomique


Briollais L., Durrieu G. and Upathilake R. (2007). New Approach for Genome Scan Meta-Analysis of Rheumatoid Arthritis: A Kernel-Based Estimation Procedure,  BMC proceeding, 1, 1-6.


S. Lardjane & P. Dourgnon. (2007).  Les comparaisons internationales d’état de santé subjectif sont-elles pertinentes ? Une évaluation par la méthode des vignettes-étalons Economie et Statistique n°403-404,




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